Because everythign happens for a reason

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Your metabolisms reaction to treating it right

what a great start, thank fuck I don't have to start the day in a panic, now I know I have what I need to not have to hold onto anything that comes my way, and I can start focusing on functioning properly
alright, thanks a lot, I'm glad I trusted you. Another snack came my way and I was able to continue giving you the best possible energy I can deliver
gee I needed this, I've been working for a while and need to maintain my hard work. Thanks for feeding me, I'll be able to carry on
thank you dear
hell fucking yeah fish and chips how did you know that's exactly the amount of protein and carbs and fat I needed. Oh? You listened to your cravings? Great! we're really close he always knows what I need
I'm getting tired but I'm going to have to keep working whilst you sleep, so you still need to fuel me. Until the morning old chum!

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I really need to get better at timing my food I always have to make up a lot at night and then feel awful :(

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I’ve been told,
that there are people who dive into happiness, without dipping their toes in first, who don’t fear that the water’s too cold, or that the bottom is too close to the surface, they don’t fear cutting their skin on the rocks, because they’ve never felt their hearts bleed, and;
I’ve been told,
that there are people who don’t turn words over, and over, and over in their head, who don’t spin them for meanings not meant, meanings unimagined, who don’t dissect them, who don’t try to turn love into science projects, and;
I’ve been told,
that there are people who kiss with their eyes closed, always, always and forever and they believe that forever is a time measure not a lie we tell each other when we get scared of being lonely, forever, and;
I’ve been told,
that there are people who hold hands without glancing down at them every few seconds to make sure that they’re still touching, that they’re still linked, who aren’t afraid that their mind is lying to them, that their own brain is trying to protect them, and;
I’ve been told,
that there are people who who don’t have tears in their eyes, whether it’s too light or too dark, there are people who can stare at the sun and not blink, who can feel warmth on their skin without burning;
I’ve been told,
but I don’t know, I’ve never met a person like that; my mother tried to dive into life and nearly drowned and my father wears thick shades, he sees no light and no darkness, and every boy that’s ever kissed me kept his eyes wide open, they never even blinked;
I’ve been told,
but all I know is burning and not warmth.
m.v., Things you told me about love.  (via findingwordsforthoughts)

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Anorexia Nervosa isn’t Nicole Richie running along a fucking beach in a pair of saggy bathers… it isn’t fame and fortune, popularity… it isn’t cool or fun or a matter of simply skipping a few meals… it is an all-consuming, black void… an unwaking nightmare… a suffocating, spiralling, endless cycle of bitter loneliness, agony and self-loathing.
And it kills you. Inside. Outside. All-through.
Natasha (via sickly-thin)

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