Because everythign happens for a reason

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The worst part about anything that’s self destructive is that it’s so intimate. You become so close with your addictions and illnesses that leaving them behind is like killing the part of yourself that taught you how to survive.
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Conversation while at my grandmas house

Me: oh yeah don’t forget I’m allergic to dairy so you don’t need to buy extra milk or anything
Her: well can you have cheese?
Me: no that’s dairy
Her: oh how about yogurt
Me: no anything with milk will make me sick
Her: well you had almonds milk that’s dairy
Me: no that’s made of almonds
She got mad at me and insisted it’s impossible and that there is no juice in almonds
I’m here one week . Day 1 . Help me:(

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I need to realize that I AM ALL I HAVE. There’s no other choice, no other body. I’m responsible for this. I don’t have the options to feed, to hurt, to hate or else. This body is not an embarrassment or a burden. It was given to me as it is, theres no other discussion about it.
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