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What I want in a relationship;


• hand holding (in public as well would be nice)
• long hugs
• butt touches
• kissing (lots of that)
• phone calls and texting
• butt touches (I mentioned that but it’s important)
• long and stupid rambles
• sharing feelings (oh gosh what am I?)
• snuggles and spooning
• watch horror films together
• to feel wanted, loved and appreciated

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My cold is pretty bad today and on top of that I’ve been trying to very very slowly reintroduce dairy to my body so the past 4 days I’ve had one bite of a quest bar (that uses whey protein(dairy) . I figured it would be best to start there because it’s not like liquid dairy or anything . one bite I get no reaction so yesterday I took 2 larger bites . And well let’s just say the bathroom has been my best friend ever since and I broke out again like last time 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

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Anorexia is not collar bones. It is the smell rotting of flesh as you dismantle your body bit by bit. Anorexia is not a thigh gap, it is your knees so weak they shake as you fall to the ground. Anorexia is not self control. It is the feeling of utter hopelessness as your life tornados into a blizzard of nothingness. Anorexia is not fashionable. It is your mother’s sobbing eyes as she sees her child dying. Anorexia is not 80 pounds. It is the weight of a thousand pulsing suns on your shoulders. A thick black cloud in your mind, and rules spelled out like chains pulling you towards the ground. No matter what measure of gravity that you have in this earth, it still hurts, it’s still real, and you still deserve to reach out and get help.
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